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We invite you to plunge into the atmosphere of harmony of our Spa of Talise Spa & Health Club. At once on arrival, you will go to travel of updating, rejuvenation and restoration of power balance.

The Spa center which is filled in with a sunlight — is a tranquillity oasis which distinguishes innovative approach and an original complex of improving programs. All procedures, since procedures for the person, and finishing wrappings with use of active organic components, opening chakras, massage with hot stones, pass with use of high-quality means and latest techniques.

In the spacious Spa center of Talise Spa occupying 2 floors in the atmosphere of absolute serenity even the busiest guests will be able to gain strength for new fulfillments. For a while forget about everyday vanity and begin a way to harmony, listen to the feelings and have simply a rest.

SPA- procedures

Each guest, all dependences on a sex, age and preferences, will find among our wide range of firm procedures something individually for himself. Investigate our menu independently or consult with our experts who taking into account your wishes will pick up suitable procedure.

The Spa center of Talise Spa & Health Club is located on the 18th floor of Burj Al Arab hotel.

Business hours: from 06:30 till 22:30. It is possible to register in procedures from 09:00 till 21:00.


In Talise Spa & Health Club fitness center are harmoniously combined quiet leisure with active pastime. 14 spacious procedural offices equipped state-of-the-art are created for rest and restoration of forces.

On two floors of a Spa center you are waited by a sunbed, pools Infinitis, the fitness center and the traditional equipment for occupations by water sports. Man's and female zones are completely isolated from each other so nothing will break your tranquillity.

Here improvement — this fascinating travel. Except the standard Spa procedures set and rituals, at the disposal of guests also additional services. Our unique range of cosmetics on care of face skin and bodies can be acquired in boutiques Al Konoz and Janna Al Juwan. In Talise Amphitheatre amphitheater captivating the beauty will serve you the fresh nonalcoholic fruit cocktails and lungs useful to health of snack. The beauty shop and studio of style suggests to make hairstyle/laying, a make-up, to undergo procedures on care of hair, hands and feet.