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2018 — UAE GUIDE | Your personal guide across the UAE | Interesting places in the UAE | Brand-GID

December 7, 2018 no comments 725
One of the world’s most iconic and luxurious hotels in the world - Burj Al Arab - was double recognized as the Best Hotel in the World and Best Hotel in the Middle East at the prestigious Ultratravel Awards -The ULTRAs- hosted by The Telegraph Magazine. An architectural marvel At 320...

August 18, 2018 no comments 2118
Tucked away amidst the rooftops and courtyards of a souk located on the banks of Dubai Creek, the 200 room hotel is spread across 22 traditionally designed Arabian Bayt (homes), adorned with the wind towers famous throughout the region. With views down into the alleyways of the souk and out...
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