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Brand-GID - is the free search of tickets showing all available offers more than 700 airlines of the world and tens of booking systems in one place. We only look for the best options – you choose where to buy them. The main advantage of our service – we show the final prices at once.

Many websites and booking systems try to deceive you, at first showing low price, but in the course of booking adding unnecessary or low-useful paid services (an insurance, informing, preferential return). And also collecting an additional fee for payment by the card or through payment service providers. Besides the prices can be displayed at the rate the Center of Bank, but in practice there will be a write-off at the rate of your bank. Because of these frauds you can incur additional expenses.

It doesn't happen if you look for tickets for Brand-GID. We bear responsibility for all our partners and we guarantee the correct display of the final price in currency which will be charged from your card. Upon transition from our website to the website of partners – all additional paid options will be disconnected by default. To you won't have to try to discover dirty tricks and to read the small text on others websites.

To learn in what season tickets for flights cost cheaper and to plan the trip at the favorable price, use the calendar of low prices. You will choose date necessary to you and buy the ticket. Reserve hotel on our website at the most favorable prices and get a lot of positive emotions from the saved money on air tickets and accommodation and pleasant pastime.


1) Specify a flight route
2) Specify in one or in both sides weeds
3) If in both – specify stay duration

ATTENTION of the price in the calendar are displayed from history of search in the last 48 hours. It is technically IMPOSSIBLE to request online such data array. Therefore estimated prices if in 48 hours there was a change in price, then you will see it after search. Searching all prices are correct and final! With all collections and the commissions if such are applied by partners.

We do not take the search commission and we do not sell tickets. Your IP, the browser and other parameters is not transferred to partners. You always receive minimum prices on our search.