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We present to your attention online guide with a detailed information about the United Arab Emirates. We offer you fascinating travel in a place with Brand-GID to the country, which forces to be got to fall in love at first sight.

brand-gid.com it is one of the largest information directory in the United Arab Emirates. It was created so that people from all over the world who want to visit, and those people who already live and work in the United Arab Emirates, could find on our website all the necessary information about the United Arab Emirates.
News, events, discounts, places of rest and leisure, company catalog, online store are available to the user 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
 In addition to the main objective, a comprehensive, complete and informative catalogue about the United Arab Emirates, it is also created to help businesses promote companies at a lower cost. For all users of our portal created a discount club and tour guide. For a more comfortable stay and visit to the United Arab Emirates.
 Brand-GID was founded in 2015.
The name Brand-GID comes from the word brand (trademark) and the words GID ( dual-purpose ) guide, which is a guide to brands and as a tourist guide, and abbreviations, which stands for global international discount. And the project began its work, we hope that our work will benefit all who visit our site purposefully or come here by accident.
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