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We present to your attention online guide with a detailed information about the United Arab Emirates. We offer you fascinating travel in a place with Brand-GID to the country, which forces to be got to fall in love at first sight.

brand-gid.com is one of the largest online business - reference book in the United Arab Emirates.
It was created in order that people from around the world which want to visit, and those people who already live and work in the United Arab Emirates, could find on our site all necessary information on the United Arab Emirates. News, the poster of actions, discounts, places of leisure and rest, the catalog of the companies, online store, are available to the user 24 hours per day 7 days a week.
Besides the main objective, the comprehensive, full and informative catalog in the United Arab Emirates, it is also created for assistance to the enterprises for advance of the companies at smaller expenses.
For all users of our portal the discount club, and the tourist guide is created. For more comfortable accommodation and visit of the United Arab Emirates.
brand-gid.com, is founded in 2015 the main office of the company is in free economic zone of AJMAN FREE ZONE AUTHORITY (AFZA), United Arab Emirates.
The name of the brand-gid.com company comes from the word BRAND (trademark)
and the words GID (the having dual purpose) of GUIDE that is the guide on brands both the tourist guide,
and abbreviations who is deciphered as Global International Discount.
As the brand-gid.com project began the work, we hope that our work will bring benefit to all who will visit our site purposefully or will come here incidentally.
We thank for that that visited the site brand-gid.com

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