What is in city Ajman

The airport, nearest to Ajman, is in Dubai, it only half an hour of driving the car. Long-distance bus service from the airport is absent therefore it is better for you to reach by a taxi. Of course, you can get into the subway from terminals 1 or 2 and reach yes Union stations, and further change on the bus, but they go time to half an hour and the last flight at 10 in the evening. The trip public transport will cost you about 15 dirhams or 4 dollars, but all this is troublesome (suitcases, changes, purchase of tickets) therefore tourists seldom resort to such option of movement, the right, the taxi several times will quicker bring quickly you to Ajman, and it will be not so expensive.

The most available carrier in the local regions — "Ajman taxi". Estimated price of services — 80 dirhams that approximately equals to 22 American dollars. If you have a limited budget, look for "group taxi", then the car goes to a way, having taken 4 passengers "aboard". The cost of your journey will make only 20 dirhams or 5 dollars. As a rule, individuals are engaged in such services. However, if you have come to have a rest to large hotel, then for you can send transport free of charge.

Car-rental — one more variation of comfortable movement across the United Arab Emirates. The price of lease of the car in days — about 90-110 dirhams or 25-30 dollars. The cost of local gasoline — 1,8 dirhams or 0,5 dollars for liter. Roads to the United Arab Emirates, by the way, ideally equal: to go on them — continuous pleasure.

Sights of Ajman

The main historical sight of the capital of the emirate Ajman — a fortress (the 18th century) in which there was a residence of the governor of the principality earlier. Now here the big National historical museum including expositions of the ethnographic and archaeological direction is placed. You can find jewelry of last governors of the emirate, a collection of the weapon and manuscripts from the last centuries in halls, and also the samples of goods made by the handicraftsmen living on these lands in the ancient time. By all means visit the hall of waxworks — there by means of wax ancient life of local lands is reproduced. Address: Museum roundabout. Doors of the Museum of Adzhman are open: vs-cht — from 8:00 till 13:00 and from 17:00 till 20:00; and on Fridays only — from 17:00 till 20:00. Visit cost: adult 4 dirhams (it is slightly more than 1 dollar), children and students can come twice cheaper.

As the Museum is in the territory of ancient port which is also local sight, you will be able to admire courts, sailing vessels and yachts, to see the well-known, making legendary "preschool educational institutions" Ajman shipyard. The fort has been constructed in the 18th century, and since 1970 8 years was the central station of police of the city. By the way in Ajman's Museum you can meet an exposition of a police uniform of the United Arab Emirates.

What else it is possible to look in Adzhman at?

  • Mosque "Al-Nuaimi"
  • square sentry tower;
  • Palace of the Sheikh;
  • University;
  • Medical institute;
  • Opera theater;
  • Drama theater;
  • exhibition center;
  • mineral sources;
  • a track for races of camels (dromadry);
  • City park;
  • Bingo club.

Unlike other cities of the United Arab Emirates in Ajman it is accepted to walk on streets, surely walk on the legendary The Corniche Street (which is called also — Al Khaleej Rd or Arabian Gulf St). Here in the evenings both locals, and guests of the capital of the emirate measuredly walk. Local beaches — white. It is too sight because the coastline of other resorts has sand of a yellow shade. Water temperature here never falls to a resort season below +20˚C.

Also Ajman is nice that in the city actually only shop in the country selling alcoholic beverages works (on arrival to the United Arab Emirates you will understand the value of this information). In Ajman there is no "Prohibition" per se. But also it isn't accepted to buy alcohol by boxes here, but you can quietly get 1-2 bottles on a family (however you have no right to take out alcohol out of borders of the emirate — it is necessary to drink on the place). Certainly, you can buy alcohol and in some hotels or even beaches, but will cost you such pleasure in many times more expensive, than in Ajman's shop.

Shopping in Ajman

The personnel working in services industry in Ajman are very kind, actually all talk in English, and in a third of cases — and in Russian.You won't find small shops per se on "each corner" in Ajman therefore be bought is wholesale in large shopping centers. The benefit, here they are very worthy. By the way, the prices of food in shops are, as a rule, lower than the Moscow average level.
Remember names of the largest Mega Malls of Ajman ready to provide you fascinating shopping:

  • "Ajman City Centre",
  • "The Factory Mart",
  • "Hamdam",
  • "Ajman Industrial Area",
  • "Safeer Ajman".

As for local color and purchase of souvenirs, as it is impossible for you by the way the well-known city market on Hamed Bin Abdul Aziz st will approach. (Sheikh Habed Bin Adul Aziz St.). What it is recommended to pay attention here to? Certainly, on traditional local products, such as jewelry, jewels, the Arab knives, swords and coffee pots (and they are copper and silver here), carpets of different types and other interesting national souvenirs.

Restaurants of the city

The meal for two in Ajman's center will cost you 70-110 dirhams or 20-30 dollars, meanwhile on suburbs of the city to you it will cost in few times cheaper. Near Kempinski hotel (it all because it is the best hotel of the United Arab Emirates know) there is an amazing cafe "Sheesha" which of terrace the magic view of the sea opens. By all means there visit — derive paradise pleasure from contemplation of white beaches and blue waves during taste of unusual local Arab viands.The ideal place for a breakfast in Ajman is a cafe "La Croissette Café". Vegetarians should go to the well-known small restaurant of "India House". Will be in Ajman what to feed also fans of fast food. Visit Sanad Winner Cafeteria snackbar and try local hamburgers, pizza and sandwiches. By the way, here prepare fantastically tasty, real doner.

Ajman's youth likes to gather in small restaurant of "Al Masa Cafeteria & Coffee Shop". During walks on Ajman's center glance in Al Masa cafe that opposite to the mosque, amazing cocktails do of fresh fruit here — very much it is pleasant to tourists.Have decided to live in hotel? There, certainly, will be the restaurant where in the menu, as a rule, dishes of the Arabian and European cuisine harmoniously intertwine.

Where to stop in Ajman

You will be surprised, but in the most modest emirate from seven — to Ajman, the smartest Kempinski hotel in the country is located. Except him there is dozen more of worthy hotels, however of them only four are beach:• the five-stars legendary "Ajman Kempinski" located at entry into the port. The hotel represents beautiful eight-story (with finishing in the Arab style) the building with 200 smart rooms and the highest level service. The price from 200 to 1000 dollars (730-3670 dirhams) for a double room. Having lodged in "Kempinski", you are convinced that sea paradise exists;

• three-stars (rather recently built) "Ramada Beach Ajman", to the address: Arabian Gulf Street. The hotel has 107 rooms at the price on average of 650 dirhams or 180 dollars for the double settlement;
• the four-stars "Ajman Beach Hotel" having 72 rooms with the accommodation price about 70-85 dollars (250-300 dirhams);
• three-stars " Tulip Inn Hotel Apartment ", having 64 rooms with the average cost of accommodation over two — 220 dirhams or 60 dollars and located at: Mushariff,Sheikh Zaied Street, 2327 Ajman , United Arab Emirates

Certainly, you can lodge also in the hotel which doesn't have the coastline, and to use services of public or paid beaches — here everywhere is equally pure and cozy. If make up the mind to such step, then pay attention to four-stars hotel "Ramada Hotel & Suites Ajman" — it very with comfort. Coordinates: Sheikn Khalifa Bin Zayed Road. The price for a double room from 290 to 470 dirhams (80-130 dollars).

It should be noted that Ajman mostly — a haven for the tourists tired of an intense rhythm of life, persons interested to be discharged of a civilization, to enjoy silence, a rustle of palm trees and sea rest on snow-white beaches.