What to look in Abu Dhabi

From Abu Dhabi city's famous Corniche to the Oasis City of Al Ain and the massive dunes of the western region's Empty Quarter desert in Al Gharbia, culture, history and adventure are encapsulated in the emirate. Experience the architectural prowess of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a stroll through Al Ain's cooling oasis, learn about the ancient sport of falconry, experience an adrenaline rush on the world’s fastest roller coaster, or marvel at the history of an emirate dotted with ancient forts and historic sites – several of which have been listed as official UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

And whether you’re marvelling at the always-changing views of Abu Dhabi while experiencing the emirate by land, air or sea, or experiencing the genuine feel of authentic Arabia while relaxing under the stars on a desert safari, playing golf on one of our championship-standard courses, or spending a fun day – and money – in one of our luxurious malls, you’ll discover that Abu Dhabi is a genuine leisure haven that will convince you to return again and again.

Abu Dhabi

When the speech about the United Arab Emirates comes, at the majority recurs to the memory an image of Dubai. Besides, very many consider the capital of the United Arab Emirates Dubai that is true only partly. As in the United Arab Emirates the capitals two. For some reason many absolutely forget about the biggest and richest emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the city of the same name which is the public capital of the country. The sheikh of Abu Dhabi operates the United Arab Emirates, in this emirate there are largest reserves of oil. In Abu Dhabi the most grandiose architectural plans are carried out. So to look to the tourist in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi

Get acquainted with the capital

If you want to sight-see all city, quickly, that for this purpose is fine opportunities. In Abu Dhabi, as well as in many capitals of the world, there are convenient, conditioned excursion buses with an open second floor. The route of similar excursion buses is thought over rather saturated, you will see all large sights of Abu Dhabi. It and the majestic mosque of the sheikh Zayed containing more than 40 thousand believers, and Emirates Palace - the hotel belonging to the sheikh, you will visit the museum etnodereena of Heritage Village, in the traditional markets and other interesting places. The text of excursion goes in 8 languages, and Russian is included into this number. The ticket for such excursion is valid within 24 hours, and during this time it is possible to leave the bus and again you will need to sit down how many.

Surely it is worth passing on Route "Formula One"

Fans of "Formula One" certainly, know about Yas Marín Route known for that here Formula of 1 Abu Dhabi is annually held by the Grand Prix. But not everyone knows that when there is no races, on the route anyone can be passed. It is possible to hire the car or to be passed on the on the legendary route. Routes those who isn't able to drive will be able to experience artful zigzags even, after all it is possible to be passed and as the passenger here. And if you are attracted not really by such occupation, so far your friends or relatives enjoy a driving on the legendary route, you can occupy yourself with other leisure. For example, to visit the covered thematic amusement park of Ferrari World. The park occupies the enormous territory where there are attractions, for visitors of different age: from quiet machines and low hills, and to improbable on the scale 3D - attractions.

Abu Dhabi

Will plunge into history, and also to glance in the future

Reflecting on a beach and shopping, many tourists don't guess at all that there are very interesting museums. It is possible to read as much as necessary about a phenomenon of the Emirates, but only having arrived to this country, you will be able to experience, how grandiose work was done that in the hot desert there were green blossoming gardens and the woods of skyscrapers, and all this for some decades. So it is very interesting to glance in the historical museum, and to watch the photos of the city in the past demonstrating what was Abu Dhabi only couple of generations back as grew and I changed every year. Now the huge island where it is planned to place tens expositions of the city in the past is under construction. It is possible to learn history of the Emirates now in the small museum in Emirates Palace hotel.

Abu Dhabi

Get gold

It is no secret that many tourists, go to the Emirates not only to roll about on a beach and to take a look at skyscrapers but also to buy gold. For this purpose one go on the gold market, others to shops. But if you arrived to business trip and are limited in time, it isn't obligatory to go to shop duty free at the airport, where all much more expensive at all. In Abu Dhabi it is possible to get gold day and night! And it is possible to make it in the first-ever automatic machine for sale of gold ingots which is installed the Emirate Palats hotel. But consider that in this hotel a strict dresscode: in jeans there you won't come!

To have a rest in the desert

While locals applied enormous work to expel from the cities the desert, tourists just and not against, closer to get acquainted with this oasis. Those travelers who come to Abu Dhabi within one-day excursion, of course, won't be able to arrange themselves such entertainment. And here the others, can reach Qasr Al Sarab - a smart hotel complex 5 *, consisting of the low cottages which settled down in the heart of the largest desert of the world. And if you didn't visit the historical museum in Abu Dhabi and didn't get acquainted with history of the capital of this amazing country, here you will be able to make up for lost time. After all for arrangement of an interior of hotel over 2500 artifacts of different eras were used! It isn't a lot of places on the earth where it is possible to plunge into such enveloping absolute silence.

The shortest way to Abu Dhabi

As it is the capital, that is a huge number of direct flights to Abu Dhabi. It is most convenient to travel Etihad Airways airline is a national carrier of Abu Dhabi. By the way, you don't hurry to throw out a boarding pass, after all on it you can receive discounts in some hotels and shops. And if you fly the businesss-class Pearl, you will be able to take pleasure not only special service, convenient chairs and tasty dishes from the special menu onboard. At your service also there will be also a limousine so you shouldn't worry about a taxi. Also you have an opportunity to visit the SPA center of the airport where 15 minutes of massage - absolutely free of charge are provided to you!