Sights of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi — the picturesque, beautiful, abounding with architectural miracles city, the capital not only the emirate, but also the United Arab Emirates which population aspires to one million. Quite often Abu Dhabi call Manhattan of the Middle East as its main part is built densely up with skyscrapers and high-rise buildings.

History of the birth of Abu Dhabi

If to compare Abu Dhabi to other capitals of the states, it is still rather young. Year of foundation of Middle Eastern Manhattan — 1760 though the history testifies that pioneer settlements in these regions arose in the 3rd century B.C. If you ask locals, from where such name of the city, you will hear a beautiful legend. As if hunters, long pursuing a gazelle, appeared at the Persian Gulf. Passed after an animal the found part of the sea by wading and came across a source of fresh water as you understand, the real treasure for inhabitants of the desert. In gratitude for opening Arabs left a gazelle live, and the settlement named "the gazelle father" that in the Arabic language Abu Dhabi means. Agree, the interesting legend?! Sights of Abu Dhabi aren't less entertaining, than city birth history, and now you are convinced of it.

Fort and Palace Al-Husn

For today in the city actually there are no ancient buildings but if all of you wish to contemplate a news from the past, welcome to the Palace Al-Husn better known among locals as the White or Old Fort. It is known that in Abu Dhabi buildings seldom meet is more senior than 30 years, meanwhile the Palace Al-Husn is from the XIX century, and its first embodiment is even deeper in history — from 1793. The author of an architectural masterpiece is the sheikh Shabut — the governor of that time who turned a fort into own palace.

At present the fort is reconstructed and is positioned, as archive. Not only the palace is beautiful. The main gate of a fort with a freakish mosaic, it is dazzling white an original form an internal court yard aren't less good, than an ancient structure. If you arrive to admire a fort, glance and in the Cultural Fund which is nearby. By sight this historical place is ordinary-looking but as soon as you come inside, everything will change. First, you will find magnificent library here. Secondly — the research center where valuable historical exhibits, old manuscripts and sacred instructions of Islamic art are presented. Doors of the palace are dug out all days (except Friday) from 7.30 till 21.00, with a 2,5-one-hour break till 17.00. Free entrance.

Mosque of the Sheikh Zayd

The made room, sacred for Muslims, more often is called in Abu Dhabi the White mosque as it represents the snow-white majestic building of amazing beauty and the enormous sizes. The main materials for construction of Muslim Mecca — white marble, precious and semiprecious stones. Arabs didn't feel sorry for anything to create modern, unique, dazzling church in the grace. It is one of the biggest mosques on the Globe and the largest in the Emirates. At the same time in the building there can be 40 thousand people. A highlight of the White mosque is its visibility from any point of Abu Dhabi: where you wouldn't be in the city, eyes always you can find for some minarets of the Mosque of the sheikh Zayd.

Locals don't even represent, as if lived without this spiritual and visual support. On date of birth (1996) the White mosque — absolutely still the child, and on scales — a giant. Its main dome of Grand Mosque weighs 1000 tons. Heavier temple dome on the planet doesn't exist therefore by all means admire this sacred masterpiece. In the Mosque of the sheikh Zayd you will be able to see the hugest carpet of 5,6 thousand in size on the Globe мІ and the biggest chandelier with a diameter of 10 meters on the planet. The last is decorated in one million crystals of Swarovski of all flowers of a rainbow. The white mosque in Abu Dhabi is so modern that in it allow all, even not Muslims, and it is an excellent occasion to admire internal magnificence of the holy site. Doors of the Mosque of the sheikh Zayd in Abu Dhabi are open for all in any day from 10th morning to 6 p.m., except for Friday. From you won't take for an entrance kopeks, in case of need will give out special clothes. Take away about 2 hours on survey of the White mosque, here to eat than admire.

Village of Heritage

Looking at modern Abu Dhabi it is difficult to present that a half-century ago modern inhabitants had no in houses of light and other benefits of a civilization. Meanwhile it so. The city develops such prompt rates that it is difficult even to present what miracles here it is possible to find in 50 years. In this regard the legendary governor who connected Bedouin settlements in the United Arab Emirates suggested to create a place which will represent hi from the past for descendants and will show with what the history began. In this connection, also there was a picturesque Village of Heritage (Heritage Village) representing the cultural and ethnographic museum.

Being in Abu Dhabi, you by all means need to visit this Bedouin settlement where raskinuta the ancient tents made of goat wool and the first buildings from a samanny brick where camels roam and the ancient fishing market where workshops in which it is possible to observe production jeweler work functions, copper and a pottery, and also to learn to do similar masterpieces by the hands. In the territory of the Village of Heritage it is possible to find the mass of benches where souvenirs, spices and sweets with which you will be able to endow the relatives on arrival to native Penates are on sale. On Fridays in Heritage Village arrange east market, and during week-end please guests with a folk music and dances. Tourists are allowed to remove everything here that the soul wishes, handicraftsmen willingly pose and smile so stock up with cameras and cameras, then will be what to show to the friends. The Village of Heritage on the cape, near Marina Mall is located. Entrance to the ethnographic museum free. Business hours: all days — 9.00-13.00, 17.00-21.00, and Friday — only after a lunch.

Park Khalifa

Parks in Abu Dhabi — it is a separate subject, in the Emirates the government spares no expense for public recreation areas open-air. So happened and to Park of the Caliph which cost to the authorities 50 million dollars. The name to park was appropriated in honor of the President of the country. Locals love the solar center of entertainments not less, than tourists, and it doesn't surprise as in one territory the whole kaleidoscope of attractions, natural beauty and cultural instructions was stretched.

In Park of the Caliph it is possible to descend in a majestic amphitheater, to visit a huge aquarium, to take a breath in a garden, to drive by mini-train, to come into the historical museum acquainting visitors with country history — from ancient times till today. One of the brightest entertainments is the "time tunnel" which is carrying away you in the past filled not only ancient pictures, but also smells and sounds from last times. In Park it is possible to sit down or lie down on a lawn, to have a good time on a playground or to dream under a shadow of trees. Local families spend actually all the day off in a green oasis. Join!

Al Ittikhat Square

Special sight in Abu Dhabi — Al Ittikhat Square on which it is located half-dozens of amazing beauty of the snow-white stone sculptures which are symbols of the Arab life. Among them the Coffee pot, the Watchtower, the Gun, the Vessel for pink water, the Bowl for aromas, the Cap for a food covering appears. The movement on Ittikhat Square is limited foot therefore you can walk a slow step, I admire unusual figures, to the top of the bent. Locals too like to spend free evenings here.

Cornysh Embankment

Street Cornysh on 8 kilometers lasts along the coast, crossing the city and getting on itself for the mass of small restaurants and cafe, playgrounds, paths for walks, bicycle ways, and also cozy, favourite both locals, and city visitors park beach where on the weekend there is no place to fall also to apple. Cornysh Embankment — the owner of the Blue Flag, and it means, guaranteeing safety and purity of beach entertainments.

Paths for bicycles on Cornysh Street are constructed with an ulterior motive, after all it will be difficult to bypass the 8-kilometers embankment on shank's mare therefore at the very beginning of the street to you will kindly suggest to hire the bicycle that without fatigue, thoroughly to admire vicinities. Rent of such vehicle to you will manage for adult 5 dollars (20 dirhams) for an hour, and for peanuts is 1 dollar cheaper. Meanwhile you can rent and the family bicycle — on 2 or 3 places, after all you on such didn't ride yet, isn't it.

The falling tower

The unique skyscraper of Capital Gate 160 m high is considered one of the highest in Abu Dhabi. But its highlight is covered in other. The falling tower is included into the Guinness Book of Records, as a structure with the biggest inclination on the Globe. Allocated more than 2 billion dollars for construction of the falling masterpiece of the power. The maximum tilt angle (18 degrees) managed to be reached thanks to technology of a diagonal grid which consists of the reinforcing steel located over 490 piles hammered into the earth on depth of 30 meters. For comparison it is possible to give the Tower of Pisa which became famous on all planet, but its tilt angle makes only 4 degrees. You can even lodge in an architectural miracle, after all the Hyatt hotel works here. Other rooms office, in them work more than 1 thousand people.

Auto museum

The museum represents the private collection of cars of the sheikh Hamad collected by it in three decades. In total in vehicle fleet of the museum stays about 200 cars. Each of them — it works of automobile art. You will find "Dodge", on height equaling to the 3-storeyed building, collected by request of the sheikh, "Rolls-Royce" belonging to Elizabeth II and others worthy admiration automobile wonders here. The entrance to the Automuseum costs the 50th dirham or 13,5 dollars. It is possible to visit a collection of cars in any day, since 9th morning and to 6 p.m. There is this interesting place in 45 km from Abu Dhabi. It is one taxi up to One Automuseum better to reach or the leased car, the benefit, here such services are presented much.

Now you own the collection of the most interesting places in Abu Dhabi, and it means that your excursions will be saturated and fascinating.