Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is one of the world's largest covered thematic parks.

The park is under the sign red roof, of 200 000 sq.m, in the Yas Island center.

Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi

The park contains more than 20 hills and attractions suitable for visitors of all age, 5 bars and restaurants of Italian cuisine and shops with various production of Ferrari.
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – the only thematic park Ferrari in the world. It reflects the real history Ferrari and immerses guests in the exciting world of Ferrari. The park has the unique, invaluable collection consisting of more than 30 ancient and modern Ferraris reflecting sixty-three years' experience of design of Ferrari.

In Ferrari World Abu Dhabi pay attention to passion, superiority, efficiency and technical innovations, to all to that the Ferrari company created all these years and an embodiment of that, it is today.

Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World - Abu Dhabi

Ferrari world Abu Dhabi, worlds first and largest car race(Ferrari) is indoor theme park, located on Yas Island on North Side of mainland in Abu Dhabi. It presents tribute to its legend Maranello Marque. It offers unique, amazing and non-stop fun to visitors at Dubai under climate controlled and refreshing environment for visitors of every age. You can experience the thrilling Ferrari inspired rides, shopping at big Ferrari stores, enjoy live shows, museum exhibitions and have dining with delicious Italian food. Climbing and free fall jumping are new add-ons for the children’s.

Here you can enjoy the world’s fastest roller along with numerous high rides beneath the red iconic enormous roof, classically inspired by double curved sided profile of GT Ferrari body. It is the most leading attraction for the tourists in Middle East since it’s opened for public on 4 November 2010.

Theme park contain several attractions for Dubai Tourist so we have listed five brilliant and useful ways to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Formula Rossa:

Strap yourself into Formula Rossa the world fastest roller coaster having speed 240 km/h in 4.9 seconds. Its newest steel version is fastest and also the deepest roller coaster. 51 degree high hill and 52 meter loop are its features which also make it world tallest rollercoaster. It is required to wear protective glasses because of high air speed for safety purpose like skydiver wear it during skydiving.


You can explore miniature Italy and enjoy a refreshing change in speed by Bell’Italia. It recreates the most famous places of Italy. You can walk on cobbled footpaths and elevated walkways or take a small-scale Ferrari for luxurious drive and enjoy beautiful Italian culture with family. This little Italy will be really entertaining center for your family especially for your kids.

Cinema Maranello:

Ferrari world also have its own theater called Cinema Maranello which is exclusively produced for this theater. They show a short historic race film Coppa di Sicilia which picturize the many inspiring stories from the legend’s Enzo Ferrari life. Immediately after entrance you will get the experience of glamour and brute strength of the 1920s old fashioned car race. It will become a great inspiration for you on how dreams come true.

Galleria Ferrari:

Galleria Ferrari is the world largest gallery of the Ferrari which showcase the huge classic and contemporary range of Ferrari’s which belong to all over the world. You can enjoy this great little museum by watching the greatest models of Ferrari’s from all the time even the Enzo Ferrari.

Dining and Shopping:

You can do customized shopping and enjoy various food and beverages at the Ferrari world.

Park have world largest Ferrari store. Here are various retail locations all around the park which all the day invites you to get the right thing during getting thrills and new experience at Ferrari world to alive this memory. You can create your own souvenirs in Ferrari’s interactive boutique. It is very easy to find perfect gifts for your loved ones with in budget with the help of personal shopping consultants which are available all the time. You can pick your Purchases that you have made all the day at the main gate or can be easily delivered to anywhere in the world.

Enjoy with authentic and most famous Italians food that is rich in traditional and cultural flavors. Every restaurant have individual expert chief who brings the experience of maranllo, Italy at your Table. You will not be disappointed if you’ll be in mood to eat traditional food instead of Italian. Enjoy food as you want.