Burj Al Arab

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Burj Al Arab that in translation from Arab are meant by the "Arab tower" which gave it Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, by right, takes the highest position in the list of the most magnificent hotels of the world.

The best designers worked on an interior of Burj Al Arab hotel and to emphasize its exclusive luxury and spirit of wealth, for finishing of numbers and halls of hotel they used about 1590 m² a gold foil of the 999 th test, and also the best grades of marble, precious and semiprecious stones, valuable breeds of a tree and skin of the thinnest manufacture. Officially Burj Al Arab belongs to category of hotels of 5 stars, but, already at the first visit, being present at opening of hotel in 1999, one of the British journalists struck with luxury of hotel called it "the only thing in the world seven stars hotel".

Burj Al Arab towering on 321 meters over the artificial island filled especially for its construction at the beginning of 90 years in 280 meters from the coastline of Jumeirah the appearance reminds the sail to "dow" established in traditional Arab courts. Creation of a sail for Burj Al Arab hotel was really surprising and labor-intensive process. It is created from the special fabric covered with a double layer of teflon and takes the central place in a structure facade. In the afternoon the sail radiates a bright whiteness, and with nightfall turns into the huge screen on which the light show recovering the night sky is projected. The similar technology was for the first time incarnate, in so ambitious scale, and is applied vertically as a general architecture element.

The V-shaped wings in design Burj Al Arab, its mast and an atrium embodied in steel and glass on a plan of the architect Tom Wright, made Burj Al Arab the real symbol of Dubai, same recognized as the London Big Ben or the Parisian Eiffel Tower.

The design of internal rooms of Burj Al Arab is based on traditional subject of the Arab architecture, contrast white-black and abundance of gold elements of a decor that doesn't prevent numbers to be convenient, multipurpose and equipped state-of-the-art in the industry of hospitality of the Arab East.

Contrast combination the West-East, gold, air, a stone and water are put in a basis of interior design of numbers and corridors of Burj Al Arab hotel, and in a lobby they blow the mind a fascinating picture of the unusual fountain, which stream, with a filigree accuracy, connect with each other, forming arches, jump, like the frolicing small fishes, from one cell in another. The intricate water lace which is revealing, twisted in the infinite spiral conducting guests of hotel of Burj Al Arab to the world of luxury and wonderful rest is so weaved.

In total in Burj Al Arab hotel 202 suits occupying 28 two-level floors. The area of the smallest of suits makes 170 m ², and the biggest - 780 m². By the way, Royal Suite of hotel of Burj Al Arab takes the 12th place in the list from 15 most expensive numbers of the world. To services of guests some restaurants and the bars offering dishes of various kitchens of the world and a wide choice of drinks. Are the best-known: Al Muntaha located at the height of 200 meters over the Persian Gulf and giving the chance to admire a panorama of Dubai and Al Mahara restaurant, as if, placed in a huge aquarium with the exotic fishes who are freely feeling in 350 tons of sea water.

In the SPA center of Burj Al Arab hotel high quality experts will offer you full range of services.

The Burj Al Arab hotel is in 25 km from the airport and it is one of the few hotels of the world having the helipad.

If guests prefer traditional ways of delivery from the airport in hotel, for a meeting at the airport to them will offer Rolls-Royce. Burj Al Arab has one of the widest parks of cars of the Rolls-Royce brand which are provided to guests for transfers in the airport, and also excursions across Dubai at the order. The organization of a transfer in the international airport of Dubai and air tours over the city and artificial islands by helicopter is also possible.Top of true Arab hospitality is the ceremony of "markhab": the personnel of hotel welcomes the guests arriving to Burj Al Arab with pink water, the refreshing cooled towels, dates, a fragrant bakhur and the real Arab coffee. Near Burj Al Arab hotel are located Willa Beit Al Bahar, an entertaining aquapark of Wild Wadi Water Park in which for guests of any age there will be an entertainment to liking and the children's club Sinbad with aqua zone (the area more than 1000 m²) updated in November, 2009

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