Trip to the United Arab Emirates – a limit of dreams of many tourists. Practically each of us before rest is concerned by an alcoholic question. The relation to alcohol within this country acquires conjectures and rumors. We will try to understand as the situation really is.

What to dissemble, with alcoholic beverages in Arab Emirates it is extremely strict. You can be punished under the law for emergence in public places in a state of intoxication and arrest easily without any arguments, and it is necessary to wait for the decision on the future not in office of police, namely in prison as PTDCs aren't provided at Arabs. Kindness and a presumption of innocence in relation to criminals which admit drunk, in this country aren't familiar to prosecutors and judges. If the law enforcement officer considers that violations in an alcohol intoxication took place to be, then to prove something the return is simply useless.

Where to take alcohol officially?

It is remarkable that the local climate doesn't dispose to alcohol intake at all, but if without him life not in pleasure, then enjoy a flavoring bouquet and effect of alcohol in places, specially allotted for these purposes. As the United Arab Emirates – the country tourist, in most cases you will find pubs at hotels which to obtain the alcoholic license much more simply. During Ramadan in hotels alcohol moves after seven o'clock in the evening. Also to category of strictly certain places where drinking isn't forbidden, the cafe, restaurants of various kitchens of the world, discobars, the German pothouses, the Irish-British pubs belong. To shake here someone's foundations, except, perhaps, own health at you at all desire it won't turn out. You will be able to combine libations with the full range of pleasures: smoking of cigars, dances, a karaoke, game in darts, bowling, billiards is already business of flavoring preferences of everyone. Under a ban only gamblings. Yes, before visit to bar or club young people should take care of existence of the certifying document. To persons till 21 year the entrance to similar institutions is closed.

Alcohol in the United Arab Emirates.

Any tourist going to the United Arab Emirates has to be aware of some "but". Present, there are hotels in which binges in minibars don't keep and the person interested don't pour. First of all, under this criterion the emirate of Sharjah with "Prohibition" in the territory gets. However it is authorized to take the drinks in room. Nonalcoholic hotels come across even in cosmopolitan Dubai. It is allowed to try practically all known drinks only in the territory of bar or hotel. With itself alcohol carrying out is extremely forbidden. Even it isn't recommended to stroll with the beer bought in the local bar in the territory of aquaparks. However, inventive judges of frothy beverage managed to mask a pothouse to bank a cardboard glass from under aerated water and by means of a straw quietly to sip contents. If to speak about the cost of the "amusing" production, then she is rather high. For example, you will buy a glass of beer for $4-5, and 30 grams of vodka will cost $6-8.

Alcohol in the United Arab Emirates.

Skilled tourists prefer to bring strong drinks with themselves, including such approach to a question more favorable and convenient. Often they stock up in the Dubai DutyFree. Two liters of any alcoholic drinks on the person, at the same time the number of degrees of a role doesn't play, it is officially authorized to delivery in the United Arab Emirates. The average tourist will be calmed by such norm, however resourcefulness knows no limit. Some travelers pour vodka in plastic bottle and hide them for a belt, the benefit in the Emirates is only in exceptional cases carried out personal inspection, and that troubles you won't be gathered. Let's learn to respect laws of others country better.

Informal alko-shops

If the soul asks additives, it is possible to buy in the Emirates "reviver", here only in usual shops to look for is useless. Local supermarkets will offer exclusively nonalcoholic beer, even the products containing alcohol don't sell here. In specialized points which trade on carrying out you will hardly be received with open arms. In the majority of these institutions will demand to provide permission to alcohol purchase, and this privilege is available only to the owners of the resident visa who have submitted the application to police. For obtaining the resident visa it is necessary to collect documents: the passport and its photocopy, couple of photos, the sponsor's letter, the determined quota sum. And, the license allows to spend no more than 10% of a monthly salary for purchase of alcoholic products. Such license exists not for tourists, and for the foreigners living in the Emirates. Symbolically and her name: "Alcoholic" (Alcoholic Drinks Licence).

Fortunately something is stronger than fans, there are several oases where the license isn't necessary. So, paradise little shops wait for you in Ajman near Kempinski hotel and in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain, near an aquapark "Drimlend". On three wine shops there are in emirates Ras Al Khaymah and Umm Al Quwain. In Dubai alcohol can be found in the area Al Vasl where connect Um Al Sharif Street and Al Vasl. The Spineys supermarket acts as a reference point. Also go after portion of alcohol and to Maktoum Street, near "Emirates Bank", to the Bar Dubai to the Spineys supermarket, to Nasser Square to restaurant of the Golden Fork network, to Jumeirah, near hotel Dubai Marina. The large sales outlet of alcohol is in Fujeirah near "Fujeirah Bich hotel", and also "Holliday Bich" and "Sandi Bich". Shops are characterized by lack of signs, show-windows, and the inscription "Parking at owners risk" acts as an identification mark. We advise to park and load purchases a little at some distance from points. Don't forget about such fact that export of the bought alcohol to the neighboring emirates of police not on temper. By the way, to give alcohol to Muslims – levity top. Driving of the drunk car will become good chance to appear in police, it is simpler to take a taxi. Otherwise, at least a month of prison, a large fine, deportation, and even corporal punishment (a beating a stick as in the Middle Ages) are provided to you.

Alcohol in the United Arab Emirates.

Alko-shops, despite of restrictions, don't lack buyers. Locals and visiting travelers quite often do shopping in these "free" little shops. It is necessary to tell, the range here normal: all alcoholic brands of various fortress. It is possible to buy "Martini", "Cinzano", dry wines from Australia, the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Chile, white and red wines. Also expensive cognacs are presented: "Martel", "Hennessey", and whisky grades: "Gold a label", "Chivas Regal", "Faded a label", gin: "Beefeater", "Gordon", about 10 grades of beer, Smirnoff and Absolute vodka, expensive champagne. Generally, behind an additive to go not the problem, a question in another – and whether it is necessary? It is much cheaper and more useful to drink natural juice, and hardly anyone will argue with it.