Your personal guide on brands in the UAE

Watching that as the United Arab Emirates where the flow of tourists annually makes more than 12.000.000 people to only one Emirate of Dubai promptly develop, and every year increases, our team has decided to create the Internet portal

Your personal guide on brands in the UAE

It is the unique project which includes:

  1. News - topical news from the leading news portals
  2. The poster – events, actions, discounts
  3. The guide – places of leisure and entertainments, institutions, services, sights, etc.
  4. United discount – the mobile application allowing to receive discounts worldwide to 100%
  5. Online store and delivery – the tool for registration online of orders
  6. Non-cash payments – the user (client) has a possibility of clearing settlement for the rendered service or goods.
  7. Support of mobile version of the website – convenience and availability from your smartphone
  8. An opportunity to share on social networks – many times will increase the speed of distribution of information
  9. Feedback with users (clients) – reviews and the comment
  10. Consulting - the maximum quantity of trademarks and brands in one place, consultation business.

In the UAE there are over 2.500.000 institutions of public catering, shops, hotels, beauty shops, clubs, fitness of the centers, car services, etc.

There is a lot of institutions and to orient in their variety, to obtain the necessary information quite difficult. Of course - 15% from them advertise themselves in media, and only every second institution has own website and as a rule it is the website the business card. But not the full-fledged multipurpose website.

Our portal is focused not only on visitors of institutions, useful information owners, marketing specialists, and also will find for themselves the companies which are releasing goods for various spheres of business.

Your personal guide on brands in the UAE

According to our statistical data, each adult resident of the UAE spends monthly on average not less than 1500 US dollars for food and 2000 US dollars on industrial goods (clothes, footwear, household appliances, furniture, etc.), services (hairdressing salons, beauty shops, car washes) and entertainments (visits of movie theaters, cafe, holidays and gifts). It isn't difficult to count that in case of receiving a discount of 10-15% for all acquired goods and services, it is possible to save from 400 to 500 US dollars monthly or 6300 US dollars for the whole year!!!

Tourists as a rule, spend at least 1000 US dollars for a week of stay in the UAE. Respectively they can spend the saved money in other places, than brighten up the travel having visited more interesting places.

And if to consider that many partner companies of discount club"Brand-GID" provide discounts more than 10%, and additional bonuses that economy of the budget considerably increases! Only together with system of loyalty of clients receive discounts from "Brand-GID" to 100% worldwide.

Your personal guide on brands in the UAE

The discount system is available to all users around the world. This mobile application which it is possible to download absolutely free of charge in Google Play and AppStore

The main and huge plus of discount system is, the fact that it clasps all services sectors in the world, creates to the user a wide choice of services and goods with universal discount system.

brand-gid online store

Way to successful business: accounting of opinion of clients and reaction to responses.

For institutions which keep up to date it is very important to keep constantly in contact with clients, to be interested in their opinion. Positive responses allow to create and uphold a reputation, and negative responses specify a right direction for improvement

Your personal guide on brands in the UAE

The opinion of users is very important not only for owners of institutions, but also for other visitors who choose for themselves the suitable town. By means of responses the objective picture is created, to tell more precisely, a mosaic from restaurants, cafe, bars, clubs, shops, salons.On the portal the system of ratings allowing to allocate institutions which are worthy your attention is realized.

Considering recent trends in the world in development of a banking system and clearing settlement, there is a need of automation of your business (most of tourists and residents don't hold cash, the payment express, credit cards uses). For this purpose on our service we have considered the possibility payment online.

Your personal guide on brands in the UAE

Important functionality in our service is an opportunity instantly shares the reference in popular social networks that many times increases chances of distribution of information on your services and production.

Your personal guide on brands in the UAE

Due to the global development in the country of the tourist sphere, and also carrying out EXPO 2020 year, we took careabout guests of the UAE, the fact that placed information on sights of the country and in addition placed GPS – coordinates on a map which will facilitate search of a necessary institution.

All this gives to guests the chance in advance to examine all services and institutions, and in advance to plan the travel in this surprisingly beautiful country.

Your personal guide on brands in the UAE

Advantages placement online:

Technological advantages - efficiency of provision of information (max. access rate to information, isn't present restrictions on volume and time of show)

Interactivity - can be collected detailed statistics of visits of the website: how many visitors walk on the server as it is frequent in what time from what resources and on what pages (electronic questionnaires)

Saving of time - it is possible to make purchase in online store in any time, convenient for you, which search will make several minutes. E-commerce shops give us the chance to go shopping 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The choice - is an opportunity to receive several names of goods and services at different sellers in one place.

Your personal guide on brands in the UAE

For creation of the web application of average quality and functionality it will be necessary to be spent about $3500 which will really work, but not just to have the business cards function.
Expenditures on a hosting (service of file allocation of the website) and the domain (name of the address of internet servers) of $200 a year, plus arises need to support one IT expert for support of your website, and it is at least $1000 more a month for a salary apart from expenditures on living and the visa.
What we receive as a result, the fact that start of your personal website for the 1st year will cost you about $15000-20000 + headache

Your personal guide on brands in the UAE

The team of the Brand-GID Internet portal undertakes this complex challenge. We suggest the companies, the organizations to owners of business (any field of activity) to place absolutely free of charge information on the business on our portal.

For customer acquisition in the business to buy the lifelong license for unique system of loyalty. In turn Brand-GID places detailed information on partners on pages of the Internet portal, with active references and illustrations. In due time notifies users on actions, discounts, actions, reminds users of existence of this or that company on means of e-mail at a subscription to mailing of information.

On the Internet portal we bring together a maximum of the companies and brands that gives the chance to any owner of business to find to ourselves partners, investors, buyers.

At visit of the UAE the tourist will be able in advance will examine and to plan the rest and shopping as through our Internet portal he will be aware where there take place sales to what entertainment centers to go how to send freight home, as well as where to open business in the UAE, etc.

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We work for your result!

Your personal guide on brands in the UAE

"If there is no your business on the Internet, so you aren't in business"
Bill Gates

Your personal guide on brands in the UAE