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The cover protects the mobile phone from chips, scratches, waters, dust and dirt. Besides a cover — an excellent way to change appearance of the smartphone, having allocated him with identity. What covers what of them protect better differ with, and also for them we will talk about features of materials in our article.

Types of covers

The cover slip is the special cover which is putting on a back part of a gadget and closing side panels. As the screen remains open, it is possible to get a protective film in addition. The slip can be very thin (from 3 mm) or, on the contrary, volume and dense — the cover is thicker, the smartphone is protected better. Make sure that edges of a design not too thin and soft, differently a cover will slip from side panels all the time.

Boots accumulators will prolong autonomous operation of phone, and boots with pockets will allow to store credit cards and business cards — have only in a look that magnetic strips on charts can degauss under the influence of the electromagnetic radiation of the smartphone.

The silicone bumper will save the device from deformations when falling, and side panels won't be scratched. The metal bumper has a rigid framework which is usually added with a plastic layer in a basis. Everything together provides to the smartphone more reliable protection. Generally bumpers are issued for phones with right angles, but there are designs and with the rounded edges and sides.

The cover, flip or the book protect both the case, and phone screen. The boot has rigid fixing in the base and closes rear and side panels. The screen is protected by an easy cap. The flip opens from below, the book swings open sideways. For large-size smartphones books with a support cap are issued. Some models allow to store money and credit cards in a boot. There are boots with special windows for office information and the integrated magnets. If the smartphone supports such function, in a window of the book time, the accepted messages, weather and other information will be displayed, and the blockage/lock release will be carried out when closing or opening a boot.

The cover holster is made of skin or a leather substitute and fastens on a belt. Acquiring such cover, it is necessary to remember that good protection can't be cheap. First well looking budgetary cover will very quickly lose the original appearance and will hardly protect phone from mechanical influence.

"Pocket" or case — simple construction which will safely protect the device from all directions. Such cover is closed by a magnetic fastener. Depending on material the case can have different degree of protection against shocks and falling. One inconvenience — phone it is necessary to take out completely every time from a cover. It is possible to select construction with gashes which leaves open the screen and a hole of the camera.

Sporting covers allow to fix a gadget in a comfortable position and to use it as a player. Fixing fixes phone on a hand or a belt, without hindering movements. Different models of sporting covers can be shock-proof, protect from moisture, overfalls of temperatures and, of course, to have the safe lock which isn't allowing phone to slip out during movement.

The design of an extreme cover represents the dense, strongly closed case where phone is located. The "second" case is capable to save a gadget from water, dirt, rigid blows, falling from height, snow and a frost.


Leather covers are durable and reliable, nice on the touch, don't slip out a hand and perfectly protect phone from dust and moisture.

Gel and silicone covers well protect the smartphone case, "extinguish" blow when falling, but at the same time easy and compact. To shortcomings it is possible to carry a leaky prileganiye of a cover to the case, loss of a form over time, emergence of cracks and holes.

Covers from plastic — flexible, easy and durable. From this material create the most various forms of covers which cost not too much.

Fabric covers — easy and inexpensive. They won't protect a gadget when falling, but scratches on the screen and attritions of the case won't be. Choice of models very different.

Covers from a tree — original, strong, easy. Excellent option for fans of natural materials.
Metal models will reliably protect phone from blows. Serve for many years, but make heavier phone.

Posted: July 13, 2017
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