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The Only 5-Star Boat Club in Dubai

Are you looking to buy a boat but don’t want all the hassles that come with owning one?

Every boat owner knows that the happiest days of their life is the day they buy their first boat, and the day they sell it.

Xclusive Boat Club has taken away the headache that comes with owning a boat and made things simple. When you join our club, you get unlimited any day bookings on our entire fleet, without paying for the hefty fees like the cost of the boat, berthing, maintenance, cleaning, insurance, registration and the depreciation of the value of the boat.

We also make things convenient - all you need to do is make your booking online, arrive to the boat on the day of your booking and go out and enjoy the day with your friends, family and even your pets. There is no need to burden yourself with launching your boat, warming the engines, fueling the boat, cleaning the boat, request a sailing permit or even carry your personal belongings!

What types of boats? We offer our members a variety of different boats so that you can enjoy different activities that each boat is designed to do. Whether you want to go wake surfing, go fishing or just cruise around with an AC cabin boat – we have them all and you can use any of them. Did we mention they are brand new?! https://xclusiveboatclub.com/our-fleet/

Xclusive Boat Club is the only 5-star boat club in the region and is powered by the award winning Xclusive Yachts! Be your own Captain and feel like you own your own boat, with none of the consequences. Join today and receive AED50,000 worth of rewards from the award winning Xclusive Yachts.

For more information please call us on 0552671044 or visit our website - www.xclusiveboatclub.com
UAE/Dubai/Dubai Marina

Posted: May 17, 2018
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