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HUAWEI Nova 3e: Bringing the Beauty of Bezel-less to a Whole New Level

Bezel-less displays have become a leading trend in the field of smartphone design. The HUAWEI nova 3e features an immersive FullView display with an optimized notch. With a stylish exterior design, this product is drawing consumer attention on a global scale even before its launch.

FullView Display with Optimized Details

The FullView display is one of the striking features of HUAWEI nova 3e. In order to maximize the screen-body ratio and match the curved-edge design of the device body, HUAWEI nova 3e features softly rounded corners on the display and notch, which also adds to the fluidity and sleekness of the design.

Notch width in the display greatly influences the arrangement of internal components in a smartphone. In order to achieve the smallest possible notch area, the HUAWEI nova 3e integrated HUAWEI's first special electrical connection scheme, by adjusting the contact point to optimize the Z distance of the antenna shrapnel, sufficient clearance space is achieved, resulting in a more streamlined body.

The HUAWEI nova 3e also features a uniquely customized front camera which occupies minimal space in the display. Despite being reduced by 44% in size, the camera provides enhanced functionality over previous nova devices. Meanwhile, the receiver packs top audio quality into a much smaller surface area, thanks to a cutting edge elliptical-shaped design. Behind these impressive figures is HUAWEI’s relentless pursuit of engineering excellence and beautiful design.

Adapted EMUI

Huawei also adapted its EMUI 8.0 interface to further enhance the FullView display in the HUAWEI nova 3e. Since the status bar of this Android-based operating system (OS) has over 20 icons, it was necessary to adapt the UI to the notch so that ten or more icons could still be comfortably displayed.

For those who don’t like the notch design, an interface setting to completely mask the notch area is freely available through a software update. Simple but ingenious customizations like this mean that the HUAWEI nova 3e is able to offer a superior experience for every user.

An Improved Appearance

A stylish smartphone crafted for young consumers, HUAWEI nova 3e is encased in a finely-textured metallic frame, which contrasts beautifully with the 2.5D glass at the front and rear and underscores the product’s superb quality. The high-gloss grooves in the outer frame define a sleek body shape, adding to the slim and streamlined appearance of the HUAWEI nova 3e.

Two striking color options, including Klein Blue and Midnight Black mean there is a HUAWEI nova 3e to suit every user’s style.

The unique FullView display in the new HUAWEI nova 3e lends it a premium and high-tech feel; a large screen brings remarkable advantages in viewing experience; and a trendy design makes it more attractive to young consumers. Moreover, the HUAWEI nova 3e boasts very high cost performance among competitors, making it the best choice for stylish young consumers who value quality.

Price and Availability

The HUAWEI nova 3e is available for pre-booking now at the HUAWEI Experience Store located on level 2 at the Dubai Mall and across select retailers in Klein Blue and Midnight Black colors at a price of AED 1,199.

Service Offer

Customers who pre-book HUAWEI nova 3e can avail exclusive service offer that includes one-time screen damage repair for initial 12 months.


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Posted: March 25, 2018
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