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The choice of the new refrigerator depends on model of old

Choosing the new refrigerator, attentively look at old. And it not just words. Look at the old refrigerator before deciding on model of new.


Here what you have to estimate:
  • The place where there is a former model. Whether the space which he occupies suffices there to install new, more modern refrigerator? Perhaps, it is time to re-plan completely all kitchen and for new model the place of honor will be allocated special?
  • Look at width of apertures of corridors, a hall and the elevator through which it is necessary to carry by the new refrigerator — whether enough there distance? Estimate height of door boxes – whether it will become a hindrance?
  • Whether conveniently in your old model regiments in what party the door opens are located? It wouldn't be desirable to change you something? Modern versions of refrigerators offer very broad lands for various combinations.
  • Decide on the choice of a brand. Don't you want to leave a habitual logo? Perfectly, you will be able surely to pick up that it is necessary for you among modern developments of engineers and designers practically of all famous brands.

Subtleties of the choice of the new refrigerator


Number of cameras
  • One
These are the most budgetary models, they have a classical single door and quite small internal freezing office. They are easy-to-work, though need a periodic defrosting.
Do you consider single-chamber refrigerators models from the past? It is absolutely vain! Besides that it is the best option for the small-sized apartment, such refrigerator very much will help out you, say, at the dacha. Besides reliability of the single-chamber equipment much more exceeds reliability of their more "fancy" fellows.
Our hint: if you establish at yourself in kitchen the built-in model of the single-chamber refrigerator (which is small by the sizes), then at you the excellent bar for soft drinks will turn out.


  • Two
This most multiple decision in case of which you will be able to select volumes of normal and freezing cameras such what are necessary to you, according to needs of your family.
The choice of two-chamber model is spoken well also by its profitability: when opening a door of any one camera temperature in another remains invariable.
Where do you decide to locate the freezer — above or below?
Our hint: if you aim first of all at convenience, then above there shall be that camera which you use more often. And here if for you on the first place profitability, then you remember that the freezer located on top allows to retain the necessary temperature in the lower bay with smaller losses of the electric power (you remember from school course of physics — cold always falls down?)
  • three
Three-chamber giants are provided by two options: at the first there is an additional camera for deep freezing, in the second there is "a vegetable zone" for products with small storage life. What for you will seem to the most convenient and necessary?


  • Four and more
Such number of cameras meets in the devices having large volumes and the imposing sizes. Of course, for them also locations with the corresponding parameters are necessary. Do you have such case? Then you can select safely how many necessary bays will be had by your new assistant, without restricting yourself them to quantity.

Door arrangement

How the door in your old refrigerator is located? Whether accept you convenience of its opening? If is not present, then you need to know that practically in all modern models there is an opportunity to move a door on that side what is most convenient to you at the same time it is provided as well preponderating of pens (if they are).

Many admirers of technical novelties will be pleased by an opportunity to acquire model with several vertical doors which for certain you already managed to see in different commercials. Two, three and even four vertical narrow doors divide refrigerating space not across, and down – it is stylish and quite unusual. Not all to taste such layout of cameras (which still is called side-by-side), is not always convenient to get places products from the lower shelves and such refrigerator will take much more, than model with the same volume of cameras, but with normal layout


For many a decisive factor in favor of usual versions of refrigerators will become the high price which fashionable novelties so think over have – whether you are ready to considerable expenditure for the sake of prestigious appearance.

Volume and spaciousness

If the refrigerator is small and has one camera, then its sizes, as well as volume, are also small — width and 60 cm in depth, and from 50 cm high (if there is no freezing bay) to 160 cm (with freezing separation).

Two-chamber aggregates happen "constitution" of the European type, that is drawn out in height, and Asian, low and wide (about a meter in width). The European models can reach in height of two and a half meters and have rather large volume — to 350 liters. But if your kitchen gives you an opportunity to locate on it stocky "Asian", then to place products on shelves and to get them from there much more conveniently in these models.


The volume of side-by-side refrigerators this figure more than impressive can reach eight hundred liters. But also they take places, of course, much — at least a meter in width and two in height, about 85 cm in depth — such refrigerator not only Robin-Bobin, but also the whole family will support!

Our hint: if you decide to get the side-by-side model with two or more doors, choose option with wine bar on inside of doors — it is very convenient!

Technical characteristics of refrigerators – what to pay attention to

What he is cooled with

  • Compressor
From what compressor has supplied your refrigerator, that how noisy he will be in work depends. The compressor making sounds with power up to 55 decibels is considered the best option, for a human ear it is very comfortable level, that is almost silent.
Some modern units are supplied with two separate compressors — for refrigerating and freezing offices. Of course, it much more increases at once the cost of such refrigerator, however the convenience of such complete set can't be denied: always it is possible to switch-off one of compressors if to use it there is no need (for example, during defrosting).

Our hint: be guided by as far as you need function of serial shutdown of compressors. How does practice show, it is used very seldom so think — whether you are ready to overpay for what you can never and not use?


  • Refrigerating agent
Substance which in modern refrigerating appliances is used as the cooling factor (or coolant) is absolutely safe also for health of the person, and for the environment. Contrary to ordinary opinion, today coolants don't destroy atmospheric ozone, they don't contain chlorine and at casual hit in open space instantly collapse.

Cooler drum

It occupies the main part of total amount of the refrigerator and is intended for daily use. Think over what volume of this separation is necessary for you, considering that products need to be located rather each other freely. "For what it is necessary?" – other hostess will object, – "The more densely the refrigerator will "be stamped", the I will be able to cool more products in it!".

Perhaps, products will also become more in case of such multiplexing, but such "overpopulation" will have an adverse effect also on quality of cooling (the main part of products will be cooled insufficiently), and on drift-down speed of temperature in the camera (because of low air circulation).

Look how notches for sliding shelves are often located on sidewalls, some hostesses read that the more notches, the better: some shelves can be made absolutely low, for example, under plastic containers or low banks, and some, on the contrary, higher, using them under bottles and even saucepans

Pay attention what regiments are made of: very often apply glass shelves which are beautiful and easily wash, however the cooling air circulates at the same time badly. Plastic shelves are easy both on weight, and on use, but are considered as extremely fragile. The best option, in our opinion – metal shelves lattices which have a plastic cover. It is easy to wash them, they quickly act, and their cost is insignificant.


"The vegetable zone" which is in many modern units is very convenient — temperature about zero is maintained there and it is possible to store products with limited storage time, for example, vegetables or fresh-killed meat.

It will be very good if in model the multiline cooling system is used, that is compulsory circulation of cold air works. At such device cooling of products happens quickly that allows to keep their freshness longer.


As a rule, considering the freezer, buyers estimate two characteristics: its capacity, or volume, and value of temperature which is reached inside. These parameters are quite enough if it is necessary to make a right choice.

  • The sufficient volume of the freezer allows to locate in several shelves or even sliding boxes, it sometimes happens very conveniently. Do you want big "freezer"? Very well, today such modifications are enough, you only remember: the freezer, the less normal cooling is more volume.
  • The class of cold is designated by asterisks and if their four ****, it means that such freezer is ready to work out a frost to minus 24 degrees and to store your products half a year. Respectively three asterisks mean minus 18 (storage life of the frozen products three months), two — minus 12 (one month), one — minus 6 (up to one month).


Way of a defrosting

  • Defrosting of the cooling camera
The system of defrosting of the normal refrigerator can be two types: dropwise and "without hoarfrost" (no frost). Each of them has pluses and minuses.
  1. Dropwise provides defrosting of the frozen parts on a back wall of the refrigerator in case of each stop of the compressor, their refluxing in the special capacity and the subsequent evaporation of moisture. A lack of this method is need of the regular stop of technique for defrosting and cleaning. It is possible to rank the increased humidity in refrigerating capacity as advantages that allows products to remain longer fresh, losses of moisture in them are minimum.
  2. The system "without hoarfrost" or no frost of a special defrosting of the freezer does not require, all "snow" gathers on the special device evaporator from where then is deleted by means of the heater. This process is not visible to us, and it is plus, however such comfortable device provides very many place which is taken away from refrigerating space, and it is minus.
  • Defrosting of freezing separation
"Freezer" in the modern modifications is defrosted by the same methods, as well as refrigerating separation, but besides, separate function of manual defrosting can be provided in it. It can be very convenient — without switching-off all refrigerator, it is possible to clean and wash only the freezer.

Control system

It is possible to control cooling process as manually (setting the necessary temperature normal pens switches inside), and electronic programs — different models of refrigerators give freedom of choice.

Electronic systems will be prompted when you need to defrost refrigerating bays, will bring indices of humidity and the reached temperature to the special display.

In new models of refrigerators there are most various functions of control and hints, for example, when special separation for milk becomes empty, the electronic system prevents of it.


Also prevention arrives when the refrigerator door accidentally remains open or electricity is disconnected — the sound signal is distributed. All these additional options, certainly, are interesting, but don't forget that they significantly influence model cost.

Energy consumption

Different electric devices spend energy differently, their belonging to a certain class depends on it, and time which your refrigerator is capable to keep products fresh without electricity depends on it. The most economic the class A plus at which to the refrigerator energy shutdowns aren't terrible the whole days is considered.

Class of climatic zone

Agree that the refrigerator working in cool rooms will be able to satisfy your expectations more, than being in the hot room. Its compressor needs to work for three to create inside the necessary temperature, it is worth opening a door — and here hot air nullifies efforts of the refrigerating unit. Look what climatic class is specified on marking of your purchase — for the Russian conditions of a midland it has to be designated by the Latin letters N or SN, for the hot South — N-ST or SN-ST. Choose model depending on that region where you live, so you will be able to prolong service life of the refrigerator and to make its operation more comfortable.

Additional opportunities of refrigerators — pleasant trifles

For someone these additional "pluses" will seem really a trifle, and for someone they will become the defining factor at the choice of model.



If earlier the main heroes of kitchen traditionally I was white "snow" color, then modern models strike with variety of color scale and options of coverings. Bright, the scarlet, weakening green, solar yellow and quiet blue exciting — what only colors for refrigerators enterprising designers invent! Moreover, interesting ornamental decisions, for example, very extravagant — images of national flags are developed for them.

Very popular are traditional white models, following by the number of purchases there are models in the silvery and steel decision. Such refrigerators have strong and very convenient brilliant or opaque covering from aluminum or steel. "Such surfaces are very inconvenient, on them there are all fingerprints!" — the disappointed hostess will object.

Our hint: modern developments of designers are that that the special sheeting allows to avoid completely emergence on an unruffled surface of the refrigerator of any untidy traces. Such news, certainly, will please you, as well as the fact that the refrigerator of steel color perfectly "gets on" in an interior of the kitchen registered in any style.


What, except removable mobile shelves, can producers complete the production with?

  • Special containers for storage of eggs
  • Trays for ice
  • Shelves with wavy deepenings for storage in horizontal position of bottles
  • Containers for destruction of a smell in the refrigerator
  • Shovels or scrapers for removal of snow and hoarfrost.
It should be noted that not all models are supplied with these devices, and it is possible to demand them as a part of the acquired model only when they are specified in special accompanying documentation as obligatory elements of this refrigerator.

Covering against bacteria

Special antibacterial coverings are designed to destroy as an unpleasant smell, and to keep the term of freshness of products. Such coverings contain the silver ions having the known bactericidal properties in the structure.



Some modifications have very interesting additional opportunity to cool water which can be gathered in special capacity, without opening a refrigerator door, through a special opening. Such option is very convenient, especially in hot season when cool water from the refrigerator — the most demanded product.


On many models of modern refrigerators on the forward panel of a door producers establish hours, sometimes with the timer. Well, it is very convenient, besides hours near at hand never happen superfluous. Here only such improvement instantly does model of the refrigerator is much more expensive than the fellows without alarm clocks. Think whether so you need it?


The most "advanced" versions of new refrigerators sometimes are equipped with the built-in TV with the flat LCD screen. The sizes its small — only 14 inches, but the cost of such model of the refrigerator incommensurably high. Perhaps, it is better to buy the TV separately, besides at the same time you will be able to install it where you will wish (but not on the surface of the device which wants to be opened all the time and something to eat during viewing of the movie).

And finally — our small council: in spite of the fact that modern models don't demand your participation in regular razmorozka and manual removal of hoarfrost, don't forget to bring to the refrigerator order and purity at least every six months. Attentively examine a condition of the products which are stored in it, begun to spoil immediately throw out. Shelves can be washed up at first the washing solution, then to process weak solution of vinegar or citric acid to destroy signs of a mold and foreign smells.
Posted: September 2, 2017
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