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October 2015 — UAE GUIDE | Your personal guide across the UAE | Interesting places in the UAE | Brand-GID

October 23, 2015 no comments 220
The amazing country among oases and deserts. Arab Emirates will win the hearts even of the most experienced tourists. Here come generally behind beach rest. In the United Arab Emirates the tourist infrastructure is widely developed. In increasing frequency travelers choose for rest this...

October 20, 2015 no comments 369
Cuisine the United Arab Emirates There is no person to whom, it would not be desirable to try any interesting, original dish, especially being in issue. Here even the ladies keeping to numerous diets dare to relax, the benefit in the Emirates for this purpose is all...

October 17, 2015 no comments 206
The United Arab Emirates have long history, recent finds on East side of the mountain Hajar and in the Western Abu Dhabi have pushed aside the earliest traces of the person in the Emirates back on hundreds of thousands of years. At this time, it is considered, the United Arab Emirates, perhaps,...

October 17, 2015 no comments 212
Fireworks in Dubai One of the most beautiful cities of the world Dubai attracts a huge number of tourists from around the world. The diverse landscape presented in the form of the Rocky Mountains and mysterious the barkhan, pure well-groomed beaches, amazing parks which are buried in...
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