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How to receive 60% of our profit for hotel booking?


To receive 60% of our profit for hotel booking on our website, you have to satisfy several simple conditions.

  1. Be registered on our website. It will take from several seconds to two minutes
  2. You will choose the pleasant hotel from the catalog of hotels and click on the Book Now button
  3. Will transfer you to the website Booking.com (be convinced that in the top part of the screen there was a logo of our company)
  4. Reserve hotel
  5. Send us info@brand-gid.com the copy of the booking confirmation.
  6. After the Booking.com company confirms the fact of receiving money we will notify you by e-mail which you have specified during registration, about the sum which you have to receive.
  7. If the sum of your return exceeds $100 you can request a conclusion to an e-wallet of PayPal
  8. If the sum doesn't reach $100, then you will have to save up the necessary sum and at achievement of balance of $100 to demand removal of money for your purse of PayPal

You can reserve hotels in all directions. But you surely have to follow on the website Booking.com our link. Otherwise we won't see your booking and a refund won't be.

Return of money from the EXCLUSIVE OFFERS page aren't provided. On it you receive the money back only in that case if you follow on the website Booking.com the direct reference from a search window of the website located in the left part or from the Book Now button

How does it work?
You reserve hotel on the largest and authoritative website in the world on hotel booking of Booking.com
We earn reward from the Booking.com company for your booking.
We give 60% of our remuneration back to you.
If you reserve hotel independently, nobody will return you your money back. You just pay for accommodation and all. And reserving hotel through our affiliate link, we return you your money.
Posted: November 29, 2017

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